Top Hipster Coffee shops

Yes I am a coffee drinker so I thought I would put together a Top 10 Hipster Coffee Shops in PDX.

1. Stumptown on Belmont – Best coffee by far but yes you have to look at hipsters. Look out for the typical dark rimmed dude on his laptop, because hanging out at the coffee shop is cooler than your shack wagon.

2. Heart on Burnside – Super chill vibe with a buttload of hot slutty hipster chicks on their iPhones.

3. Rimsky-Korsakoffee on Morrison – Hauntingly good coffee, open late for you burnout fiends who think coffee is better for you than exercise.

4. Barista on Alberta – industrial environment, chill atmosphere with tons of slutty hipsters.

5. The Waypost on Williams – Kind of a hippy/beatnik vibe that serves a variety of bad ass beer. Oh yeah and good coffee is good too.

6. The Freshpot on Hawthorne- Super friendly staff that pretty much serves Stumptown coffee. A good place to pick up some book nerds FER SURE!!

7. Tinys Coffee near Hawthorne – Ahhummmm… this place just blows.

8. Coffee Time near 21st NW area – This is where the metro-sexuals come to show off their new scarfs and butt tight Urban Outfitter jeans.

9. Public Domain near Broadway Downtown – Not sure, never been, never will.

10. Motor Coffee on Sandy – If you like motorcycles and coffee pit stops, here yah go god damn it.