The iconic dive bar Club 21 is closing

Another one bites the dust.

Club 21, the once home to many of the lents residents, is closing its’ doors forever. This was my dive bar that I used to frequent. This place had it all – loud rock shows, killer grilled chicken sandwiches, tubular pinball machines, outdoor smoking patio, rock dj’s on a super shitty sound system. Man those were the days. Locals are furious, once again, due to gentrification of cool bars meeting their ultimate doom from greedy slumloards of Portland.

The iconic building will be demolished to make room for some (who gives a sh#%) large douchebag building. This has been happening all over Portland. The rich keep on kicking out the cool and replacing it with garbage. Not to worry though the bar will reopen in a different location which is not yet disclosed – i think. I hope.

Tear and wimper.