portland hipster city
portland hipster city

Portland ranked 2nd most hipster city in the world

KGW8 News reported Portland as the 2nd most hipster city in the world.

The Northwest is indeed a hipster haven, according to a new survey conducted by MoveHub, an international relocation city. But globally, the top spot for hipsters goes to a city in the United Kingdom.

Portland ranked ranked as the second most hipster city in the world according to MoveHub’s International Hipster Index, which combed through 446 cities across 20 countries. MoveHub looked at five data points: the number of vegan eateries, coffee shops, tattoo studios, vintage boutiques, and record stores per 100,000 city residents.

Out of the top ten, seven are within the United States. The number one spot went to Brighton and Hove in the UK.

But the Pacific Northwest dominated with the most cities in the top 10. Seattle ranked number four and Spokane ranked tenth.

The top 10 most hipster cities in the world, according to MoveHub:

1. Brighton and Hove – UK

2. Portland – USA

3. Salt Lake City – USA

4. Seattle – USA

5. Lisbon – Portugal

6. Fort Lauderdale – USA

7. Miami – USA

8. Orlando – USA

9. Helsinki – Finland

10. Spokane – USA


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