Check out the Willamette Weeks Best New Portland Bands of 2016

1. Chanti Darling (91 points)

FORMED: 2015

SOUNDS LIKE: A world where Michael Jackson never died, disco never went out of style, and the night never ends.

2. Cat Hoch (88.5 points)

FORMED: 2015

SOUNDS LIKE: A summer daydream where Tame Impala and St. Vincent go swimming in a moonlit Technicolor lagoon below a sky of shooting stars.

3. The Last Artful, Dodgr (75.5 points)

FORMED: Started performing in 2013.

SOUNDS LIKE: Missy Elliott living in Future’s future.

4. Little Star (72 points)

FORMED: 2015

SOUNDS LIKE: Your best friends coming over to your house to validate your feelings and let you know that you are loved.

5. Bitch’n (60 points)

FORMED: 2015

SOUNDS LIKE: A communal shouting party soundtracked by rhythm-heavy jams.

6. Boone Howard (53 points)

FORMED: 2015

SOUNDS LIKE: Harry Nilsson stumbling out of the Know into the light of day, wondering just where the hell his life went so wrong.

7. bed. (48.5 points)

FORMED: 2013

SOUNDS LIKE: An early-’90s garage-rock 45 set to 33 1/3 RPM, with the volume turned down.

8. Blowout (42 points)

FORMED: 2014

SOUNDS LIKE: Kathleen Hanna stomping on ’90s Blink-182 records.

9/10. Candace (41 points)

FORMED: 2009

SOUNDS LIKE: Falling asleep stoned listening to Loveless and dreaming you’re a character in Reality Bites.

9/10. Mic Capes (41 points)

FORMED: Started recording in 2012.

SOUNDS LIKE: The Wire if it were set in St. Johns.