Apr 23, 2014

Hipster Bandit Finally Caught

The American Apparel Bandit is finally caught. I think you need a mask instead of a Fedora buddy.

Apr 16, 2014

22 Most Hipster Foods in your city

Hipsters love to stick to the basic four food groups. Pabst, donuts, coffee and Whole Foods vegetables that go bad in 2 days. Some hipsters eat healthy but most are more concerned about looking cool rather than health and lets face it Pabst - made from Rainier swill, & Donuts - made from the sugar in my ass, are not the healthiest of choices.

Apr 12, 2014

Zombie hipsters can't dance to Out Cast

Coachella is the new zombie hipster festival. The expensive 3 day festival is filled with dip shit, adolescent hipsters, who don't know what live shows are really about. "Haven't you like totally heard of this new trend?..like I hear it's like called DANCING!!" Get off your instagram, flickr, facebook and look at what's right in front of you - a legendary Hip-Hop group, Out Cast. I have been to an abundance of rad dance shows where the performers are pissed because I am the only one dancing. Give me burning man, or a Phish concert - at least people are alive at these shows.

Mar 24, 2014

Beard Transplants for pathetic men...whoops I mean boys

Portland boys, along with Brooklyn, Nashville, Austin hipster boys (noticed how I say boys) have stooped to the ultimate low. These fake tardholes take hair from their pubes, heads, butthairs and eyebrows then transplant it to their face to make a fake beard. Fake breast are covered up by clothes at least. This is a whole new level of fake fake fake. If you must fit in to the hipster scene then you must fit in your hair to your face, apparently. Beg that I don't EVER see one of you walking down the street because you will get a "hairful" from me!!

Jan 19, 2014

American Hipster

Jan 15, 2014

New Styles of Hipster are upon us.

In case you were wondering which one you are.

See article here

Urban Lumberhack style. Kill me now

1. Tight, starchy, uncomfortable pants - Allows zero mobility

2. Silly hipster hat - Protects head against nothing

3. Toy axe with dull blade - Just in case you want others to know you have never lifted an axe your entire life

6. Boots with too many damn laces - Good for stepping in shit

7. Itchy ass shirt - Because it matches that fucking hat

p.s. we still love you Matt

Jan 8, 2014

Hipster Animals

We all love hipster kitties and scenester dogs.

 See blog here

Nov 12, 2013

Eugene is #2 America's most Hipster City? WRONG!!

So Portland didn't make the cut in this one. But they chose Eugene instead. I think this article is confusing hipsters with hippies. Get your resources straight dipshit. I wonder if this was written by a Portland hipster. That would make more sense how they would blame the innocent hippies for hipster sub-cultures. Sorry but hippies were first. OR WERE THEY?? Discuss!!

Any way here is the article


Oct 23, 2013

Bad Hipster Band Photos

Sunglasses always make you look cool bra. I bet half of them are cross-eyed and the other half still have sunglasses on underneath the sunglasses.

See more here (there are a shit load)


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