Portland used to be the land of the starving artist, hence the name “Poor”-t-land. If you lived in Portland 10 years ago, you will remember when both your part-time job and small-time dealer job would cover your drinking habits and rent. Man those were the days.

However, those days are next to none. Now the term starving artist is literal. Just walk downtown and see the once striving artist withering away to dust begging for their greedy landlords to stop raising the rent by $200-$300 more a month. House prices are increasing to a point where only the rich douches from LA can afford.

Gentrification has a whole meaning now. In with the rich, out with the poor. What is this a republican town now??

So that means the poor must step up their game and start fighting over full-time jobs that don’t exist. The New York Post claimed hipsters must get a full time job in order to cover rent. Actually you will need 2 full time jobs, if you want to eat out at hip restaurants like Besaws or Radio Room and afford to live in hip neighborhoods like Alberta or Belmont. OK, PORTLAND, WHERE IS THE NEXT HIPSTER MECCA?? ASTORIA??